little-mac-n-cheese asked:

Why does it even matter to non-cis people if cis people do oppress them?? I believe that we should just accept each other.. Because no matter what your gender is, You're still human! And non-cis people, If someone tries to bring you down.. Ignore them! I know it's hard.. But you can't let someone insult you for who you are. And just because ONE PERSON doesn't approve of your decision and lifestyle doesn't mean you should hate everyone that's the same as that one person.

dearcispeople answered:

It’s hard to ignore the person kicking you out of your home. It’s hard to ignore the person firing you because of who you are. It’s kind of hard to ignore someone’s fists.

The oppression from being trans doesn’t come in an easy to swallow, optional tablet you take when you feel like whining on Tumblr. It’s something that affects your life and can kill you.

The Trans Panic Defense is a thing. You can argue, in a court of law, that when you discovered someone you’ve had sex with was trans you were in capable of moderating your own actions and killed the other person. And get away with it.

Islan Nettles was killed in front of a police station. There were plenty of witnesses to her death. Her murderer walks free.

Cece McDonald, and a group of trans women, were attacked by a group of bigots with nazi symbols on them and because she defended herself she went to jail. To a jail for men.

Caleb Hannan still works for Grantland despite the suicide of the trans woman he outed. Killing trans women isn’t bad press.

Avery Edison tried to enter Canada without a single piece of paper and instead of being sent back home or being given a hotel room she was put in JAIL. Despite not breaking any laws, just because she was transgender and they refused to see her as either a woman or a man.

I’ve been raped and told by campus police that it was my fault for dressing like a girl. I’ve been threatened with arrest for using the bathroom. I have had to deal with panic attacks and severe depression as a result of this and that isn’t something you can just turn off.

No, our oppression really is not something we can ignore.